300000 clients issue their first powers of attorney electronically – Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Following the Ministry of Justice permitting the issuing of powers of attorney through its Najiz.sa portal five months ago, over 300,000 clients have submitted their first powers of attorney electronically.

The availability of the e-service is part of the ministry’s efforts in converting all documentation services electronically to make things easier and also for more efficient work.

The Ministry of Justice said, “The electronic service is part of the ministry’s efforts to digitize notarial services and enable them remotely in order to fast-track procedures and enhance efficiency.

To benefit from the ministry’s Najiz.sa portal, the Ministry of justice required the client to have previously issued an agency via notary before making it electronically available.

Electronic issuance services are not available for clients who are incompetent due to their age or mental condition.

The services are also unavailable for clients over 65 years old and beneficiaries that have never released an agency before.

For these clients, the ministry provides notarization by mobile notary’s service.