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Prime Meridian Holding Co (OTCBB:PMHG) on 01/20/2022 declared a dividend of $ 0.1800 per share payable on March 01, 2022 to shareholders of record as of February 10, 2022. Dividend amount recorded is an increase of $ 0.04 from last dividend Paid.
Prime Meridian Holding Co (OTCBB:PMHG) has paid dividends since 2016, has a current dividend yield of 0.6315789819% and has increased its dividends for 1 successive years.
Prime Meridian Holding Co’s market cap is $ 89,176,500 and has a PE ratio of 10.96. The stock price closed yesterday at $ 28.50 and has a 52 week low/high of $ 17.65 and $ 29.98.
Prime Meridian Holding is a bank holding company. Through its subsidiary, Co. is engaged in providing a range of banking services. In addition to electronic banking services such as mobile banking, remote deposit, mobile deposit, Apple Pay, Bank-to-Bank transfers and online banking, Co. provides basic services which include, among others, demand interest-bearing and non-interest bearing accounts, savings accounts, money-market deposit accounts, health savings accounts, NOW accounts, time deposits, safe deposit services, wire transfers, foreign exchange services, escrow accounts, debit cards, direct deposits, notary services, night depository, official checks, and domestic collections.
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