Amid the Great Resignation, these are the top searched jobs on Google – CNET

As millions of people quit their jobs across America, Google reveals which roles people actually want.
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What careers are people actually interested in now that they’re leaving their jobs in droves? Google has released the top “how to become” job searches from the past year, showing the most popular to be a real estate agent or flight attendant.
Millions of Americans have been leaving their jobs suddenly during what’s been dubbed the Great Resignation over the past year, as they seek better pay, better benefits or a role that allows them to continue working remotely.
According to Google these were the top searched “how to become” careers between January 2021 and January 2022:
1. Real estate agent
2. Flight attendant
3. Notary
4. Therapist
5. Pilot
6. Firefighter
7. Personal trainer
8. Psychiatrist
9. Physical therapist
10. Electrician
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The top countries where people searched for “how to leave your job” were the Philippines, South Africa, the US, Australia and the UK. 
Certifications and training courses are also being looked for, with Google saying the year’s top search was the Google data analytics professional certificate, followed by the NCMA certification, child development associate certification, eyelash technician training program, electrician training program, real estate training program and barber training program.
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