An OTF Project: Mobile Unit for Civil Service Recruitment and Testing | Office of the Chief Administrative Officer –

In fall 2021, the Operations Transformation Fund (OTF) funded 11 projects. This is the first of a series of blog posts that shares more information about each project. 
The Office of Human Resources (OHR), in collaboration with Human Resources and Talent (HR&T), proposed an idea for a mobile unit that will transform the Civil Service recruitment and testing process. This mobile unit will allow for community-based and on-site recruitment and testing for civil service examinations.  
The primary goal of the mobile unit is to help recruit candidates from areas of Philadelphia that are underrepresented in the City’s Civil Service workforce. It will also support virtual testing. 
The mobile unit for recruitment and testing will be at local library branches to raise awareness about Civil Service opportunities, provide tech support and resources, and provide accessibility. 
Recently, the Office of Human Resources visited eight Free Library branches—staffed with dedicated employees in support of this project—in North Philadelphia that will serve as locations for the mobile unit. Each of these libraries has its own personality and community that will support this project’s community-based outreach efforts. 
The design of the mobile recruitment vehicle is also underway. The City’s Office of Fleet Management helped OHR and HR&T understand their options for building out the vehicle. The Office of Fleet Management helped lay out the process of getting this recruitment effort on wheels. 
The Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) has helped the project team launch a stakeholder engagement survey to learn what organizers, community-based frontline staff, and potential candidates hope to gain from this effort.  
Additionally, OHR has partnered with CareerLink to host two events at its northern office. Over 30 interested applicants attended. The team helped people apply for City jobs and complete job interest notifications for future opportunities.  
The goal of the mobile unit is to provide City job opportunities for people who may not be able to access the tools or resources to apply. OHR and HR&T will continue to work with the Free Library and community partners to continue to work on the mobile unit and bring it to life.