AZ Mobile Notary

Az Mobile Notary

Arizona notaries perform notarial acts within Arizona’s geographical boundaries. The Arizona Secretary of States accepts applications for the appointment and reappointment of notaries, manages the commission process and maintains an electronic database of notaries. For more search results, you can consider searching for “Flagstaff arizona notary” via the offline Yellow Pages.

The Arizona Secretary of State sets the fee for a notary as set out in the Notarial Act. The fee is set in accordance with Chapter 6 SS41-316A of AAC R2-12-1102.

The notary may not advertise, charge or receive fees for performing notarial acts unless he is authorized under Rule ARS 41-316C. Notaries must charge uniformly and publish fee plans in a prominent place. Before performing a notarial act, the notary shall inform the applicant of the administrative fee to be paid.

A credible person must know that you have a valid ID, have taken an oath of identity and signed the notary’s journal. A notary must provide certified copies of all public records, papers and periodicals upon request. The notary focuses on ensuring that documents are signed by signatories who are in no way under duress or coercion.

If the signatory is frail or old, a notary appointment may take a little longer. Mobile notary and signature fees include the time it takes the notary to get an appointment, the notary’s time and the appointment fee for the notarization. You fill in the document, arrive and wait for someone to sign for you in front of the notary.

If you charge a fee for your services you must publish your fees schedule in a specific format and in a prominent place. You can notify the Secretary of State about address and name changes by submitting a completed form for notification of notaries and name changes / or reporting the change on the AZ-SOS website.

The process for renewing a public notary commission in Arizona is the same as the new application process for notaries. You can only start the process 60 days after your current commission expires. The State has a list of approved suppliers.

The Arizona Department of State recommends taking at least three to four weeks to process applications for notarized orders. The Office of the Secretary of State reserves the right to require additional documentation and fees to process the application, which can prolong the entire process.

A wide range of legal and financial documents require a notarial seal to complete. For more detailed information about notaries, visit the Notary Services page or click here. As you know, there are additional costs involved in producing documents.

A certified notary and credit signatory is authorized to simplify credit signing deadlines for borrowers. We provide the Phoenix area with fast, competent and trustworthy notaries who deliver public and notary signatures in a place of your choice.

If you are in Arizona and would like your mandatory documents notarized but due to your busy schedule cannot enter your home or office, you can contact a mobile notary in Arizona. As a leading provider of mobile notaries, RAIS Mobile Notaries offers mobile notary services of the highest level to a wide range of customers throughout the state of Arizona.

Ellaree Olinger of Payson, AZ 855.41- commission (e) o ellaree olinger is a notary certified by a background check by the National Notary Association. She is familiar with refinancing HELOCs, buyers and lenders, reverse mortgages and more.

She makes herself available at short notice to help a sick relative fill in probate planning documents. Ellaree is not only efficient, professional and reasonable in her advice, but also supportive, comforting and compassionate as she works with relatives and her family at this difficult time. I have been documenting and certifying her for some time and she is a professional and courteous notary.

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Health policies, power of attorney, forms of trust, deeds, affidavits, birth and death certificates, and others. We have made arrangements with the director so that the notary can witness the signature. We not only assume the powers of lawyers in financial matters, but also when they are needed.

The unique design of the Arizona Mobile Notary Stamp ensures optimum pressure distribution for easy one-hand stamping. The sleek design makes it convenient to travel and produces crisp and clear Arizona notary seal imprints. Simply slide the stamp to the desired place on your notary seal.

Az Mobile Notary