Broadband Survey Collects Data about Internet Capability Across Oswego County –

OSWEGO COUNTY – Oswego County and other neighboring counties have partnered with the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board to conduct a community survey about broadband internet service. The results of the survey will be used to help prepare a plan to improve broadband internet access for communities in Oswego County and across Central New York.
Permanent residents, seasonal residents, business owners, farm owners, and students are encouraged to respond. Data for the community survey is being collected until July 31.
“Oswego County has evolved over the past two centuries, building on connections – from rivers and streams, to canals and railroads, to roads and electricity today,” said Oswego County Legislature Chairman Jim Weatherup. “To ensure our community will prosper into the future, the County is working hard to ensure that we all stay connected to the internet. As part of this effort, we are working with the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board to identify where the digital divide still exists in our community and find ways to connect all of us to the wider world. The vibrancy of the communities we have built together will only benefit from increased access to this vital resource.”
Go to to take the brief survey or visit the Oswego County government website at
“The more information gathered through this survey, the better we can prepare to improve broadband internet service in Oswego County,” said Dave Turner, director of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning. “By completing this survey, you will help Oswego County plan for a connected future.”
Funding for broadband is available through the recent federal stimulus act and other sources.
Turner said there are separate surveys for residents and businesses to complete. Business owners who operate a business from their home are encouraged to fill out both a residential and a business survey to help identify their unique needs.
The survey uses an industry standard broadband speed test to identify current broadband speeds at the user’s location. The test will measure both download and upload speeds. 
Turner said download speeds are important for receiving files, emails, and other data quickly, as well as support for streaming services such as Netflix and Roku. Upload speeds are important for transferring large files such as photographs, x-rays, or complex documents to another location, or for working with interactive systems such as QuickBooks Online, Google Docs, or other business systems.
People who take the survey from their home or business, or from a mobile device connected to their home’s Wi-Fi, are asked to complete both the speed test and the questionnaire. Those who are taking the survey from a public location, not at their home or business, or who are taking the survey from a mobile device not connected to their home’s Wi-Fi, should skip the speed test and complete the questionnaire only.
The questionnaire requests basic contact information including address.  This information helps to identify locations where broadband deficiencies currently exist. Information is also collected on one’s current internet experience and on what steps need to be taken to improve broadband service to your home and/or business.
All information is completely confidential and will not be shared with any third-party entity. The survey is being conducted by ECC Technologies, LLC.
For information or assistance with completing a survey on paper or over the phone, visit or call the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board at 315-412-5966.
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