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Looking for an expat-friendly notary (notaris) in the Netherlands for cases related to business / corporate, family or property / real estate law? 
Below is a list of experts offering notarial services related to prenuptial / cohabitation agreements, wills, buying / selling a house, setting up a company and more in English. For office locations, notarial fees, availability, necessary documents for the notarial act or questions about the Dutch civil code, feel free to contact them directly!
Van Buttingha Wichers notarissen
VBW notarissen is the largest autonomous firm of civil law notaries in The Hague. We offer specialist services for expats. For example, if you want to conclude a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, make a will, incorporate a limited company, purchase a house or take out a mortgage loan. We have extensive knowledge and expertise that is made available to clients in the most efficient and effective manner.
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Buma Algera Notariaat
A notary office with the right people in the right place. Founders Bert Buma and Sjoerd Algera and their employees have years of experience in the notarial profession, have acquired a good name and have gained an excellent position within the Amsterdam’s notarial market, with real estate in all its facets as their specialism.
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Olenz Notaries
In family and inheritance, emotion, finances, taxes and civil law are effortlessly interconnected. The specialists of Olenz understand this and help you to structure your needs. With experience and knowledge in various forms of cohabitation, marriage, inheritance & divorce law. Our extensive international network helps us work together with experts in other countries to meet the clients needs.
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