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Luciana Salazar y Martin Redrado continue in the media and judicial war that was unleashed after the breakdown of the relationship. “I want to say it with all the letters, Matilda Salazar She is not my daughter. I accompanied at the time. Luciana decided to make a decision that I respected and supported while we were a couple. But that ended 4 years ago. All the commitments I made were when we were a couple. I am no longer one and, therefore, I have no commitment to fulfillapart from those I fulfilled, which were many”, explained the economist during a mobile in Partners of the show (eltrece).
Angry, Luli He contacted the program and gave his version of events. Martin Redrado he is lying absolutely in everything with this topic, in a blatant way. It is a lie that you have no obligations. have obligations for many years. and there is one signature under a notary public”, assured Matilda’s mother.
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Last night Luciana Salazar He published some stories on his Instagram that had already been heating up the subject. “It’s only up to him to end all this and he doesn’t. You just have to fulfill everything that was promised and signed. He is not doing it and that is why I resort to Justice, ”wrote the media. She also assured that the damage “was doubled”. “I only counted some, but I didn’t count all of them”had advanced.
But it all escalated after Martin Redrado went on the air denying having any kind of obligation with them. Luli He couldn’t take it anymore and called to demand his right to reply. “It never came out of my mouth that Martín Redrado was the biological father of my daughter. I hope that no one else chicanea with that topic. And when I say biological, it is because I say biological. I don’t want one more journalist to question me if he has to give me something or not. Ask him what he signed. He is not a person who does not know what he signs… I don’t have to count your obligations. They are part of my private life,” she said angrily.
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Luciana Salazar responded to the statements of the economist, who pointed out that he has no obligations to Matilda since he is not the father of the little girl. (Photo: Instagram @salazarluli)
“He is not only lying to me, but to many people. He looked for me four times, He advanced me sexually and we were no longer a couple”, assured. Karina Iavícoli wanted to know a little more about this fact and investigated.
Y Luciana He was not afraid to respond: “Redrado lies to everyone. He looked for me four times. And I say the word ‘abuse’ because Mariano Cúneo Libarona (lawyer) told me so; that a person advances you sexually and you have to stop him… and I have proof. But I didn’t report it because I’m not looking for a scandal.” At the moment the complaint is not prosecuted and remains in the media plane.
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