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Posted by Morgan Hampton | Sep 27, 2021 | News, Business | 0
Merritt has a new Notary Public following the retirement of Cherry Inglis, who served the community for several years from her office at 2101 Nicola Ave., the same location that is now home to Julia Trela.
Trela moved from North Delta, where she worked for another Notary for five years.
“I was finishing up my schooling and then I moved here to practice,” said Trela.
The process of becoming a Notary is less intensive than that to become a lawyer, but still requires a strong dedication to education and the letter of the law.
Prospective notaries must first complete a bachelor’s degree in a field of their choice, preferably something related, such as Business, Legal Studies or Criminal Justice. You must graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA in order to qualify to apply to be a Notary. Following this application, the Society of Notaries will perform an investigation into your education, finances and background, which includes a criminal record check.
Friends, neighbours and previous employers may be contacted and asked to provide letters of reference in regard to your character. This process may take up to one year to complete. If the results are satisfactory, you will be interviewed and ideally approved for the mandatory 18-month Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies program at Simon Fraser University.
Upon completion of the SFU Program, which takes three years, six weeks of practical training is undertaken with the Society of Notaries, after which an individual is officially deemed a Notary Public.
Trela moved to Merritt in May, and officially took over Inglis’ office in July.
“I just got commissioned in May, and it’s hitting me now that I go home from work and finally, I can just do whatever I want,” said Trela.
“I don’t have to keep working. I used to have hobbies before my Masters, I used to have a life,” she joked.
Now that she is settling into her new role, Trela and her husband, who is training to become a realtor with Re/Max Merritt, are looking forward to enjoying all of the outdoor recreation the Nicola Valley has to offer.
“I enjoy the outdoors, paddle boarding, that kind of thing,” said Trela.
“Biking, hiking, that’s part of the reason we moved here, it’s so outdoorsy.”
It first occurred to Trela that Merritt would be an ideal place to establish a practice when she crossed paths with Inglis at a Notary conference a few years ago and learned she was planning to retire.
“So, I reached out, and that’s definitely a reason,” explained Trela of her choice.
Inglis was also willing to provide assistance as Trela took over the office, from the bigger picture of running a business single-handed to the smaller, every day details.
“It was ideal for me, because I wanted someone to be there while I transitioned into a practice, and she was here to help me out in the beginning, kind of give me tips,” Trela explained.
“Especially with a new town, and small town at that, there’s things like access to certain utilities or even office supplies. It was helpful even to be able to ask her, well where do you get your envelopes from?” Trela joked.
“It was good, she helped me transition in.”
So, what can a Notary Public help you with? In simple terms, a Notary can handle legal services surrounding real estate and personal planning. Wills, statutory declarations, powers of attorney, and health care directives.
“In the field that I’m permitted to practice in, I have the same powers as a lawyer, but I can’t do anything going to court, nothing contentious,” explained Trela.
“Nothing people fight over. I don’t do family law. Some people like to call it ‘Happy Law’.”
If you are in need of a Notary Public, you can contact Trela at 250-378-0333, via email or through the contact form on her website,
“I’m happy to be here,” said Trela.
“I really like the town so far, it’s a really nice change from the coast. And so far, all of my clients have been really nice, and they’re all grateful that I’m here, which is nice because I’m not used to that. On the coast, usually the clients there are more go, go, go. The way of practice here is so much nicer.”
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