MoJ's Najiz app users exceed 2.1 million in a year – Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — The users of the Najiz app of the Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have exceeded 2.1 million in a year, the ministry revealed.

“The most popular e-services on the app include inquiries about cases and real estate, booking a date, verifying Furijat invoices, verifying marital status, and mobile notary’s service,” the MoJ said.

“The Najiz app has a single sign-on feature that saves clients’ time and effort and enables obtaining services without visiting any of the ministry’s premises.”

The app provides 58 judicial e-services related to inquiries on cases and applications; real estate and powers of attorney; client care services; and verification of judicial licenses, marriage certificates, property title, and powers of attorney; among others.

In line with its digital transformation plans, the MoJ launched the Najiz app in order to streamline digital services and achieve swift justice using the best tech solutions. — SG