New book claims to identify betrayer of Anne Frank family – Deutsche Welle

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A new book claims it has solved a lingering mystery in Holocaust history. For decades, it was unclear who betrayed the Amsterdam hiding place of Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis. The authors of the book say their research points to a surprise suspect.

Investigators have identified a suspect who may have revealed the hideout of Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis. Yet the evidence is inconclusive and many historians doubt the findings.
Once an inmate at Auschwitz, Lily Ebert never thought she would make it out alive. Now at 98, she has 35 great-grandchildren and has become a star on TikTok.
A response to rising antisemitism, Israeli director Ari Folman’s animated film of Anne Frank’s diary and life also addresses the struggles of young refugees today.
The idyllic spot served as Hitler’s vacation home and second seat of government. The documentation center explaining the dark history of the site is getting a revamp.
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