Notary stuns TikTokers with video revealing how much money she makes per hour – Yahoo News

How much do notaries make per hour? That’s the question behind a now viral TikTok that left many viewers baffled.
The video comes from Andrea Morgan (@dreyamor), who works as a notary signing agent. In a clip that now has over 5 million views, Morgan shared how much she makes “to watch people sign documents.”
Her video is the latest in an ongoing trend on TikTok, in which users give little-known details about their careers. In recent months, TikTokers have shared what it’s like to be an overnight stocker at Walmart, an NFL water boy and a full-time pianist at luxury hotels.
Morgan’s TikTok came in response to a Stitch video trend asking users to reveal something about their profession that others would be “shocked” to know.
In her post, Morgan explains that she works as a notary in the real estate and loan industry. For that job, she gets paid $100-$250 per hour.
Morgan’s estimate seems to be in line with figures from the notary website ProperSign, which estimates that notary signing agents can typically make $75-$200 per hour when working in real estate and loans.
However, a high hourly rate doesn’t automatically mean a high salary. Since notaries are dependent upon real estate transactions for work, many often work only when they have signings to witness. These “mobile notaries” make good money when they work, but their roles are usually only part time.
Full-time notaries can make great money, depending on their skill set and location. The National Notary Association estimates that 16% of full-time notaries make at least $7,500 per month, or $90,000 per year.
TikTok commenters were largely surprised by Morgan’s video.
“Where do I sign up?” one user wrote. “I’m in the wrong business!”
“Googling ‘how to become a notary,'” another added.
“Yes it’s true!” another agreed. “I did this for 15 years.”
Many users asked Morgan how they could get into the real estate notary business. So, she posted a follow-up video explaining how she got started.
As the TikToker posted in her caption, there’s no college degree required.
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