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35-Year Forensic Handwriting & Body Language Expert @ ColdCaseFoundation.org
Every day someone needs something notarized. It could be a DBA, will, healthcare directives, immunization waiver, real estate transactions, marriage documents, car impound forms, an I-9, POA, vehicle sales, treatment attendance, guardianship papers, passport applications, defensive driving forms, and so much more – even personal letters.
After COVID came along, many people became accustomed to staying home. With that homebound status came more grocery deliveries, Amazon deliveries, and other conveniences… including mobile notaries.
In talking with several customers of Lubbock Mobile Notary, we asked why they chose mobile service instead of going to their bank or the UPS store.
Comments included:
The most common questions Lubbock Mobile Notary receives are below.
(1) What type of form do I need?
The State of Texas prohibits notaries from giving legal advice because it is considered 'practicing law without a license.' However, Texas is one of the most strict states when it comes to the notary laws and that also means they require very specific wording on their forms. Many people opt to do a generic Google search and pick any legal website anywhere in the USA only to find out the form is incompatible or not accepted in Texas. That's why Lubbock Mobile Notary offers free Texas-specific legal forms.
(2) What types of payment do you take?
Lubbock Mobile Notary accepts PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and regular cash. The state sets the maximum rates allowed and they are well underneath that. To them, it's about customer relationships and satisfaction, including making their services affordable for everyone.
(3) What are your hours?
Lubbock Mobile Notary is open from 9 AM – 10 PM on most days, including weekends and holidays. However, they accept appointments up to 24 hours if needed, just call in advance to schedule.
(4) What is Your Error-Free Guarantee?
Lubbock Mobile Notary offers a two-week error-free guarantee. Although notaries since 2009, requirements and rules often change. If you find that they made a notarization error within two weeks following your appointment, they will return and re-notarize at no cost to you. Keep in mind, that they are not responsible for your errors, such as choosing the wrong form.
(5) Do you supply witnesses?
Although it is your responsibility to find your own witnesses, they can sometimes offer a witness service at a nominal fee due to the added legal accountability attached to witnessing the forms.
(6) What if I or my elderly parent have an expired license?
They often notarize for those without a current license. Many elderly folks no longer drive and therefore haven't updated their Texas driver's license. Although they always recommend that these folks obtain a valid identification card from the Motor Vehicle Department, many don't. In that case, Lubbock Mobile Notary can notarize for you, but please call them for specific details.
(7) Can you notarize an I-9 form?
I-9 forms do not require notarization. In this case, Lubbock Mobile Notary will act as the Authorized Representative for the company that is requesting the I-9. Just make sure you have the Notary Instructions from the company before scheduling your appointment.
(8) Can you notarize foreign documents?
In this case, Lubbock Mobile Notary requests that you contact the State of Texas Notary Department to assure your document can be notarized and, most importantly, if you have the correct form of Identification that the notary can accept.
(9) Do you offer Remote Online Notarization?
Yes, they do. However, they are out in the field most of every day and prefer that you use OneNotary.
(10) Do you offer any other services other than notarization?
Yes, they do. They offer BPO / Real Estate Photography, property preservation services, inspections, approved Proctors, weddings, and much more. All of their services are displayed on their main website as well.
For more questions or to set an appointment, please call or text 806-392-4450.
As for references, the customers we asked definitely consider them Lubbock's # 1 notary service. As Stacy M. said, "After you meet them, you will see why. They really care and are on-time and very knowledgeable." In fact, you can read more reviews here.
So, whether you just don't feel like getting out of the house or you totally procrastinated to the last minute, instead of searching "notary near me" or "Lubbock Notary", just contact Lubbock Mobile Notary directly.
Not only will you save time but, from what we've heard, you'll be glad you did.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. This content should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

35-Year Forensic Handwriting & Body Language Expert @ ColdCaseFoundation.org
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