POPi/o Launches POPnotary To Bring Banks & Credit Unions Secure & Streamlined Remote Online Notarization – Yahoo Finance

Digital Customer Engagement leader bypasses the need for notarizations to take place in person—without compromising on security.
SALT LAKE CITY, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Digital Customer Engagement leader POPio Mobile Video Cloud® (POPi/o) today announced the release of POPnotary, a remote online notary software empowering financial institutions to notarize electronic documents entirely online and with state-of-the-art security, bypassing the need for notarizations to take place in branch.
"Accelerated by the pandemic and resulting restrictions, the demand for remote online notarization has been increasing for loan closings and other legal documents," said POPi/o CEO Jed Taylor. "With POPnotary, we're thrilled to bring banks and credit unions the simplest and safest way to notarize documents online, and further enhance the comprehensive digital customer experience pioneered by POPi/o."
POPnotary connects the signer to the authorized bank or credit union notary via collaborative video and utilizes POPverify, the platform's ID validation and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) feature, to confirm the signer's identity over video. After the signing ceremony, the document is then notarized and sealed for safe retrieval. POPnotary also includes secure digital notary journals for each remote online notary. With this innovative technology, documents can be digitally sealed and sent directly to their destinations, retrievable only by access codes for optimal security.
"POPnotary vastly expands any financial institution's service potential, creating unique opportunities for enhancing customer engagement, opening new streams of revenue and ensuring customer retention—all while improving convenience for both consumers and lenders alike," said Taylor. "This unique approach to remote online notarization marks another meaningful step forward in helping banks and credit unions create the best possible customer experiences."
POPnotary will be available to clients in Utah and Idaho starting April 23, 2022, and applications for other state certifications are in process including, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, and many others. To see a live demonstration of POPnotary and to learn why more and more financial institutions are using POPi/o, register to attend a webinar on April 28, 2022, by visiting popio.com.
About POPi/o
POPio Mobile Video Cloud® LLC (POPi/o) delivers a comprehensive Digital Customer Engagement platform, streamlining every part of the customer journey from self-service to complex, personalized interactions. Through self-service, human interaction, video communication, and collaboration tools such as screen sharing and document signing capabilities, banks and credit unions empower their sales and customer service channels to achieve a broad range of personal and business interactions. For more information regarding POPi/o, visit popio.com or call 801.417.9000.
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Kristi McCain
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Brandon Butterfield, CMO
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Kristi McCain, POPi/o Mobile Video Cloud, 385.204.4341, mccainconsultingllc@gmail.com
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