Registered email and its most common uses: What you need to know –

Communication is essential for any company, and with the prevalence of the Internet, using email has become an essential means of staying in contact with workers, clients, suppliers, and partners.
However, in certain situations, regular email is not sufficient. It is necessary to use a reliable form of legally valid communication that could serve as evidence in a trial if required. This post will discuss some of the most common uses of Registered Email.
To understand what Registered Email is and the security it provides, it is essential to know that there are three following parties involved in communication with this type of email:
A registered email is a type of communication carried out through email. The sending, receipt, content, attached documents, recipient and issuer, and the date and time of communication are certified.
All of the above assumes that if, for example, a Registered Email needs to be used as evidence in trials, there will be irrefutable evidence of all the aspects listed above.
The most common uses of Registered Email include the following:
Therefore, registered email can serve as a legally valid alternative to certified postal mail.
Yes. The legal validity of registered email is assured by the following:
At, we believe that these most common uses of Registered Email allow companies to promote their digital transformation to promote both internal and external communications.
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