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Mobile Notary San Francisco’s new website features a self-scheduling tool.
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2015
Mobile Notary San Francisco has launched its new website— http://www.notarypublicsanfranciscoca.com—which features a convenient self-scheduling tool that enables users to request specific mobile notary appointment times and dates. The traveling notary, which offers San Francisco businesses, residents, and visitors on-demand and pre-scheduled mobile notary service in the privacy of their homes and offices, believes the tool will make it easy for clients to book its services.
“Our clients tend to be busy and appreciate maintaining their privacy,” says John Cavalli, owner or Notary Public San Francisco. “The tool allows them to request an appointment in less than a minute, and no one will be able to overhear them talking about their business on the phone.”
Notary Public SF works with clients to notarize a variety of documents. The company specializes in conducting real estate closing packages, and it also provides expedited apostille and authentication services for clients with documents that require legal recognition in foreign countries. All of its notaries public who provide these services are commissioned by the California Secretary of State and certified notary signing agents.
“Our San Francisco mobile notary service has earned a reputation for being accessible, dependable, on-time, and professional, and we’re making it even easier than before to book,” says Cavalli.
For more information, please call (415) 635-7419 or go to http://www.notarypublicsanfranciscoca.com.
About Mobile Notary San Francisco
Notary Public San Francisco is a mobile notary that specializes in standard notarial services, real estate transactions, and expedited processing of apostille and authentication of documents for use in foreign countries. Same-day, evening, and weekend appointments are often available and can be scheduled online or by calling (415) 635-7419.
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