The Espai Barça referendum as it happened – FC Barcelona

Live updates on the Espai Barça referendum here throughout the day (All times CET):
9.46pm. Full support among members for financing of Espai Barça. “YES” wins the referendum with 42,693 votes for, which is 87.80% of the total votes cast. The “NO” vote gets 5,055 (10.40%) and there are 875 blank votes (1.80%).
9.45pm. President of the Consultation Board, Pere Joan Deniel, announces the final outcome of the referendum, in which 48,623 members have voted, representing 44.14% of the electoral roll.
9.00pm. Voting is now closed in the referendum on Espai Barça. 
8.00pm. 45,987 members have cast their votes with just one hour until the referendum ends. Turnout is now 41.74% of the electoral roll.
7.00pm. There have now been over 42,000 votes cast with just two hours before polls close. 42,057 members have voted, which is 38.18% of the electoral roll.
6.00pm. 39,084 members have cast their online votes, which is 35.48% of the electoral roll.
5.10pm. Secretary of the Board and Consultation Board Josep Cubells  has said that the day has gone smoothly without incident and encourages members who have yet to vote to do so before polls close at 9.00pm.
Cubells mentioned a minor incident in China where two members found that their mobile operator blocked access to the voting site but the club was able to resolve the situation and the members could cast their votes.
5.00pm. A total of 35,783 members have voted after eight hours of the polls being ope, which is 32.48% of the electoral roll.
4:00pm: 31,004 votes now received for the Espai Barça financing referendum, representing 28.14% of the voting list.
3.00pm: Over 28,000 votes in with over a 25% turnout so far, and still half of voting day to go.

2.35pm: We are soon to reach the midway point on voting day. Should you have any queries about the referendum or the Espai Barça financing, please feel free to visit our dedicated Espai Barça financing referendum section.
2.15pm: FC Barcelona Foundation ambassador, Álex Roca, also voted online.

🙌 @alexroca91, nuestra embajador de la @FundacioFCB, también ha votado.

2.00pm: Over 25,000 votes now cast, closing in on a quarter of the registered voters.
1.00pm: After four hours of voting, 22,393 members have had their say, 20.33% of the voting list.
12.30pm: President Joan Laporta voted “YES” this morning.
12.20pm: Riqui Puig, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Gerard Piqué, Sergi Roberto, and coach, Xavi Hernández, have all already voted at the Ciutat Esportiva.
12.00pm: Three hours in and 18,684 FC Barcelona members have voted, representing 16.96% of those registered to vote.
11.40am: Members experiencing issues with online voting or without access to a digital device can go to Camp Nou Auditori 1899 and cast their online vote with guidance from the Club’s staff.

 Secretary to the Board of Directors and the Consultation Board, Josep Cubells, reports that 13,489 members have already voted in the first two hours, representing 12.24 % of the registered voters.

10.55am: Early voting by one of the FC Barcelona first-team captains, Gerard Piqué, who said, “We’ve already voted Culers, now it’s your turn”.

❝ Ya hemos votado Culers, ahora os toca a vosotros ❞


Vota aquí 🗳
10.40am: 110,159 members at least 18 years old with a minimum of one year of membership are listed to vote in today’s online referendum to give the go ahead for up 1,5 billion euro financing for Espai Barça.
10.00am: One hour in and 7,411 FC Barcelona members have cast their vote, representing 6.72% of the voting list.

9.15am: Taking part in the referendum on the financing of Espai Barça is very easy.  Members registered on the electoral census will have to go the Club’s website where they will be able to access the online voting platform and where they will have to identify themselves with the following three details: 
o   Member key
o   Personal code (PIN)
o   Date of birth
If you do not have your personal code (PIN), you can create a new by going to the online support section of the website here. 
Once identified, the member will receive an SMS on their mobile with unique six digit access code which will allow them to exercise their right to vote. 
They will have to introduce the six numbers and then a screen will appear with three voting options (YES, NO, BLANK). 
9.00am: Now you can vote! The secret code has been created for the five members of the board responsible for the referendum in the presence of a notary.

8.30am: It is nearly time to vote. We remind you how in 90 seconds. 
8.25am: Those who are unfamiliar with the electronic voting system or do not have the device necessary can come to the Auditori 1899 where identification and assisted electronic voting points will be set up. 
· At the identification point, ID check is carried out with DNI and a code is given out. 
· Then, the member proceeds to the voting point where the code is requested to confirmed their identity and that is when they can vote. 
8.20am: It will be the first ever online vote in the Club’s history with members being able to vote using their mobile phone, computer or tablet. 
8.15am: The Member Delegates Assembly on 23 October approved the proposal by the Board of Directors with 405 votes in favour, 21 against and 6 blank. Now it is the turn of the members to ratify the decision in a binding referendum with voting from 9am CET until 9pm CET. 
8.00am: Good morning, culers. This Sunday is set to be a historic one for FC Barcelona with 110,159 members eligible to vote on whether or not to give the go ahead to the 1.5bn euro financing plan for the Espai Barça project.