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Although money and adequate staff are essential tools of success, the most invaluable resource available to small businesses is time.
Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and effectively using your time allows you to increase productivity. Unfortunately, between various distractions and dealing with non-urgent problems, every business owner experiences lost time. Thankfully, there are numerous routes business owners can take to maximize the limited wiggle room in their day-to-day schedules. That way, business executives can better serve customers, attend to staff needs, and soak in the sense of fulfillment that accompanies a job well done.
Opt for mobile notaries
Far too many business owners waste time chasing down remote services that could be in-house. By utilizing mobile notary services like these, you can notarize essential documents with the click of a button. These services are easy to implement, useful for you and your clients, and prioritize security, which means you can sleep easy knowing your vital documentation and information is safe. Stop wasting valuable time-fighting traffic and long-distance to visit an in-person notary and instead utilize mobile services that come to you. 
Outsource what you can
Along with mobile notaries, numerous other essential services are available for outsourcing. Virtual assistants, human resources organizations, financial planning are invaluable ways to improve critical business functions without tacking on more responsibilities to your plate. Outsourcing resources allows you to concentrate on other business aspects and manage your time aptly. That way, you can put more time into expanding your reach, boosting sales, and communicating directly with clientele.
Schedule your breaks
Although you may think working 12 hours straight with no breaks is a sure-fire way to improve productivity, overworking yourself can lead to dampened spirits and sub-par work. Scheduling in regular short recesses can help to ensure you stay well-rested, recharged, and in the best possible shape to deal with your day.
Build a to-do list
Creating a thorough to-do list can help ensure you stay on track and focus on essential responsibilities throughout your day. There are various ways to implement a solid day-plan, either virtually with calendar apps or physically with a tried and true planner. If you’re looking for a digital solution, many applications provide seamless integration to different services and allow you to set up reminders and automatic responses. Pen-and-paper solutions offer various formats, from simple daily calendars to more complex, list-oriented journals to keep you organized and help you manage your time wisely.
Check out project management software
Not only does project management software aid in task tracking, but it can also help you manage employees and keep a close eye on the progress. While implementing software can take time and may involve a learning curve, it will ultimately save you time and aid in project and team management.
The bottom line
In the end, the well-known adage “time is money” is correct. Your time is worth hundreds of dollars, and every second wasted is money lost, and funds spent to streamline processes will save you in the future. Take the time to investigate the various time-saving strategies at your disposal to maximize your workday and increase productivity.

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