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A Vancouver woman celebrating a major milestone might be a supercentenarian, but those who know her say she still moves like a “bat out of hell.”
The woman is so well-known in her neighbourhood that when Mike McCardell, host of the CTV News Vancouver segment The Last Word, was seen walking in the city’s West End on Tuesday, he was asked if he was going to see “Merle.”
At the door to the Haro Park Centre, which includes independent housing and assisted living, another person stopped CTV to report the news.
“Merle’s turning 110 years old. Born in 1912,” he said with an astonished look and a smile.
Inside was the mysterious Merle herself, sporting a flower in her white hair and another pinned to her shirt, and giving out hugs to those she knew while spending her day near the front desk of the care centre.
Merle is Merle Millicent Romney O’Hara, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, the same year the Titanic sunk.
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She survived the biggest hurricane ever to hit the island, as well as a two more hurricanes and a deadly influenza pandemic.
She played field hockey, worked at a law firm, got married and had a daughter. She lived on a farm with several animals, and she once served tea to the Queen and Prince Philip at a resort.
Merle played bridge and croquet, went to dances and became a notary public. When her daughter got married and moved to Canada, Merle and her husband went too.
She became a Canucks fan, referring to the players as “young gods.” She survived a stroke, but lost vision in her left eye.
She outlived her husband and her daughter’s husband, and now the two O’Hara women live at the same seniors’ centre. Her daughter, Bridget, is 85.
Merle is still easy-going, friendly and social, and as she goes through what is the second global pandemic in her life, her recent adventures have included video calls to her family, bonding with workers at Haro Park and “eating lots of chocolate,” according to staff.
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According to those who know her, Merle stops to smell the flowers, takes no medicine and jokingly called herself “that old bag” after seeing a photo taken for her Instagram account.
One person outside Haro Park said most elderly people in wheelchairs move backwards when transporting themselves.
“Not her. She goes forwards and she’s like a bat out of hell,” he said.
Happy birthday, Merle!
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In a stunning reversal, Russian and Belarusian athletes have been banned from the Winter Paralympic Games for their countries' roles in the war in Ukraine, the International Paralympic Committee said Thursday in Beijing.

More than 1 million people have fled Ukraine following Russia's invasion, in the swiftest refugee exodus this century, the United Nations said Thursday, as Russian forces kept up their bombardment of the country's second-biggest city, Kharkiv, and laid siege to two strategic seaports.

Fitch Ratings has downgraded Russia's credit rating, citing a 'severe shock' to fundamental conditions due to its invasion of Ukraine.

In the first few days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, military experts suggest the Russian military was underprepared for such an attack and underestimated the fallout they would receive.

As the number of refugees fleeing the violence in Ukraine swells, overwhelming efforts to disperse them in Poland, volunteers from across Europe are arriving to spread hope and joy to those living in fear.

The Conservative Party of Canada will wait until Sept. 10 to pick a new leader, providing more time for prospective candidates to mount their campaigns, including former Quebec premier Jean Charest.

The Northwest Territories' infrastructure minister says a plane carrying Russian nationals on its way to the High Arctic was grounded Tuesday in Yellowknife.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks Russia's Vladmir Putin and his regime have been 'taken aback' by the international communities' sweeping measures intended to choke off Russia from the world and hasten the end of its war against Ukraine.

Canadian gas prices have reached record territory and show no signs of easing as Russia’s attack on Ukraine puts even greater pressure on the oil market.

Friends and family have identified a 30-year-old man as the victim of a fatal stabbing in downtown Victoria early Tuesday morning.

Gas prices reached new heights at some stations in Greater Victoria on Wednesday, with the cost of regular fuel hitting an unprecedented 194.9 cents per litre.

Ten deaths related to COVID-19 were confirmed in British Columbia Wednesday, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health.

Alberta's premier defended his plan to prevent cities and towns from bringing in their own mask mandates Wednesday, as a municipal leader accused him of doing a "180" flip-flop on the issue.

Calgary police say four people have been charged in a series of armed carjackings that targeted Amazon delivery vehicles.

Business owners in Calgary's Chinatown and the area's councillor are pushing for the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) to keep free two-hour parking at a city-run lot indefinitely.

Alberta's premier defended his plan to prevent cities and towns from bringing in their own mask mandates Wednesday, as a municipal leader accused him of doing a "180" flip-flop on the issue.

Jason Kenney's future as leader in the United Conservative Party will be decided in just over a month in Red Deer, and the Alberta premier knows what level of support he's seeking to stay in charge.

The video shows one suspect threatening the clerk with a large knife, holding it at his throat, while the other man went behind the till and stole cigarettes.

The next major increase will come on Thursday, when gas prices are expected to jump seven cents to an average of $1.67 per litre.

An Ontario man says he has been left devastated after falling for a $260,000 cryptocurrency scam that drained him of his life savings.

For the first time this winter, homeless advocates have confirmed the identity of one of at least four people who froze and died on the streets of Toronto.

An SQ spokesperson confirmed the boy's mother is the ex-spouse of Nicolas Audet, a 41-year-old man who was violently killed in St-Isidore sometime between Feb. 13 and 14.

Quebec is prepared to remove face mask requirements in public places except public transportation by mid-April and lift other COVID-19 rules earlier than expected due to a "favourable recommendation" from public health, the province says.

The Conservative Party of Canada will wait until Sept. 10 to pick a new leader, providing more time for prospective candidates to mount their campaigns, including former Quebec premier Jean Charest.

Gas prices are expected to jump to a record high in Winnipeg as pumps across the country see gas prices spike amid the invasion in Ukraine.

More changes could be coming to Manitoba and how the province deals with COVID-19 as health officials say there is a shift in approach from a pandemic response to an endemic response.

Winnipeg based Buhler Industries has accepted the resignation of one of its Russian directors.

A wrestling scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan brought Bohdan Titorenko to Canada from Ukraine four months ago. His parents and siblings stayed behind.

A group of Saskatchewan Indigenous leaders is calling for the "immediate termination" of Prince Albert Police Chief Jonathan Bergen following the death of 13-month-old Tanner Brass last month.

A Saskatoon man was shocked to learn a $21,000 cheque he deposited was mistakenly registered by his bank as $210.

Experts predict the cost of gasoline in Saskatchewan is about to rise, as war in the Ukraine and a tight global supply places pressure on the market in Canada and worldwide.

Heavy snowfall is the story as we head towards the weekend. The weather maker here is a system and associated inverted trough in the U.S. which is bringing lots of moisture and the potential for heavy snow.

Conservative Party leadership hopeful Pierre Poilievre said he is travelling to Saskatchewan to make an announcement.

The public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting that left 22 people dead heard today from lawyers representing the victims' families, who said the commission must call the spouse of the killer to testify under oath.

Nova Scotia health officials reported four more COVID-19-related deaths Wednesday.

Two men are facing more than a dozen charges, and police are still searching for a third suspect, in connection with two robberies and an incident that prompted the lockdown of a popular Halifax shopping mall on Tuesday.

A man who was born in the Soviet Union but is now running a business in Windsor, Ont. said he has burned his Russian passport as a way of distancing himself against the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

After two years of consultation and revision, the latest version of the Victoria Park Secondary Plan to regulate building height and density around the urban greenspace may reignite a long-simmering debate.

One person has been hurt after a two-car crash in London at Southdale and Pond Mills Roads Wednesday afternoon.

Officials from IAMGOLD say the Cote gold mine operation in northern Ontario will open next year.

Highway 144 is down to one lane near the Watershed due to a collision involving several vehicles, Ontario Provincial Police says Wednesday evening.

A new labour bill introduced by the Ford government is set to require some Ontario workplaces to have naloxone kits on hand to prevent opioid overdoses, but one northern bar owner thinks the list should be expanded.

Three people are dead and a fourth person has life-threatening injuries following a two-vehicle crash near Arthur on Wednesday night.

Russians in Kitchener-Waterloo are organizing protests against the war and sending donations to Ukraine

An Ontario judge has dismissed a constitutional challenge against the province’s COVID-19 restrictions brought forward by Waterloo's Trinity Bible Chapel and Alymer's Church of God.

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