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Sep 9, 2021
WARREN, Pa. — A longtime Warren County notary has been shut down and her records confiscated, leaving customers who paid for vehicle services in a tough spot.
Brenda Gibson, a notary since 1999, with office at 1595 Market St., in North Warren, is reportedly under investigation.
According to Rep. Kathy Rapp, her office has been aware of problems related to Gibson’s business for some time. When the first person came in asking for help with a payment to PennDOT that did not go through, the office helped that person resubmit forms and proof of payment.
When several more people came in with the same problem — not receiving their vehicle title or registration — all of whom had gone through the same notary, “We realized it was a big problem,” Rapp said. “A legal problem.”
“It’s very extensive, unfortunately,” she said.
Payments submitted to PennDOT through Gibson’s office were reportedly not going through. State officials reportedly removed files and information from Gibson’s office.
“They did remove everything from her office,” Rapp said.
According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, the entity that issues commissions to notaries public, Gibson’s commission is current through April 1, 2022. No information showing any changes to that commission was noted on the department’s website as of Wednesday.
The situation could be a criminal one.
“Conewango Township Police have been called,” Rapp said. “I know the District Attorney has been contacted, and the Attorney General.”
Asked for comment on the situation, District Attorney Rob Greene said, “I cannot comment on pending investigations.”
Individuals and trucking companies are among those affected, Rapp said. “Some people have been contacted by their lending agencies. It’s a big mess.”
Rapp said her office is willing to help those who have become victims in this situation.
“My staff has been working very diligently,” she said. “PennDOT has been working very diligently, as well. Our job here is to help people get through this. We’re just trying to get people the help they need to get on the road.”
Anyone who submitted payment for services through Gibson’s office and did not receive their registration, title, or other document, is encouraged to bring “pink slips, their license, proof of insurance” and ideally a canceled check or invoice, to Rapp’s office at 404 Market St., Warren.
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